All About Us

Boo & Neo’s Gourmet Barkery baked their first batch of treats in 2013 when Neo became extremely ill. His hair was flaking off along with some of his skin. He was always itching, scratching to the point where he would begin to bleed. There where many nights were one of us would be on the bathroom floor with him and just rubbed his skin to try and ease the pain because the poor guy looked miserable. We thought it was a food allergy so we started researching the food and treats we were giving to our four-legged family members. We were very disturbed by what we found in the ingredient list. . We had to start making better food decisions for them so our mission was to find a healthier alternative. This turned out to be much more difficult than we expected. Every bag and box of treats we picked up and turned over seemed to have an extensive list of ingredients. Some treats had over 35 ingredients in them and we couldn’t pronounce most of them.

It became clear to us that we would need to bake the treats we would want them to enjoy. We wanted our treats to be wheat and gluten-free as this is the cause of most allergic reactions. The ingredients we would use would have to be all natural. If we couldn’t pronounce it, we were not going to include it in our treats. We didn’t want to add any unnecessary salts or sugars since most dogs don’t have their teeth brushed on a daily basis. We were 100% sure we did not want to include any type of preservatives because if we weren’t willing to eat it, why would we feed it to them. Who wants to eat a cookie that’s been sitting on a shelf for a year anyways? So after months of researching ingredients and numerous trial and errors, we were able to create dog treats that had enough moisture in them so they would be soft like a cookie but would not spoil quickly. Not to mention they smell and taste amazing. All of our recipes are taste-tested and perfected before they arrive at your home by our Chief Furry Officers so you can be sure you are feeding your beloved four-legged family member the best. Because man’s best friend deserves the best.


New Location

1409 S. Lamar St.
Dallas, TX 75215